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Rodrunner is Europe’s largest manufacturer of suspension and steering parts for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles in the automotive aftermarket industry. Rodrunner has 120.000 m² production area and 1700+ global employees.  Production started at full capacity in June 2008 with the latest technology, production and control equipments as required by the development request of the market. Rodrunner has a facility that symbolizes new production methods, high quality and new management concept as well as advanced technology.Rodrunner is one of the leading manufacturers of the world with advanced technology and understanding that always keeps customer satisfaction as foregrounded.

Rodrunner, which sees full customer satisfaction as its own future to realize its management concept of business excellence, has gained a considerable reputation in Europe in this regard. It exports 90% of its production to more than 70 countries, mainly to Europe. Monthly production volume exceeds over 3 million for more than 9,000 different references, and more than 650 new references per year are included in the Rodrunner product range.

Rodrunner has been making its name all over the world by producing its product groups containing sheet metal wishbones, aluminium, forged and cast iron control arms, ball joints, tie rods, tie rod ends, link stabilizers and rubber to metal parts with the help of its production and distribution centers in Turkey, Spain, India and China.



•The state-approved R & D department, which has the most advanced technology and methods, owns all processes as well as production’s and has the R & D installation certificate,

•Forging tools area where steel and aluminum parts are shaped

•The most advanced technology used in the machining plant

•Full automatic cataphoresis facility

•Steel stamping facility with robotic operations, sheet forming and welding operations.

•The Rubber Metal plant where the bushes are manufactured with extremely sensitive processes.

•The assembly and packaging department with a monthly capacity of 3 million, where all parts are combined with a great meticulousness and quality understanding

•Quality and Test laboratories equipped with the latest technological equipments

•The shipping department which exports to more than 70 countries of the world


Molding Center

We produce all our molds by using the latest technology machinery and software. Among computer engineering software; we use several molding technologies for sheet metal and hot forging seperately . In this way, ideal mold designs are produced correctly in single use.

Molds of Wishbone, Hot Forging, Rubber Vulcanization and cold feeder rubber injection is produced in Rodrunner Molding Center bu experienced and trained personnel. In Rodrunner Molding Center, these types of molds’ production, maintenance and revision take place.

Thanks to CAD / CAM / CAE softwares and experienced staff, manufacturing and Maintenance of molds made in Rodrunner Molding Center. In our molding center, we make a lot of molds with CNC processing centers;

→ Hot Forging Molds and rectification
→ Sheet Metal Forming Molds
→ Rubber Injection Molds

We have a shipment department that exports to more than 70 countries of the world.