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Lateral Arm

Lateral Arm

Teknorot described all these product groups as lateral arm when placed in the rear side of the vehicle, even though, in the international automotive industry, the English equivalents had many different names such as control arm, lateral link, trailing arm and cross rod.

Teknorot lateral arms or lateral links are important components that assist in vehicle stability and handling as the best solution. They definitely play important role in the suspension system of the vehicle. Teknorot lateral arms help to keep your vehicle safe and controlled while driving, they contribute to agile and accurate steering as well, helping to keep the rear end tight and well aligned. Working in cooperation with other suspension components, Teknorot lateral arms help to insulate the body of the vehicle from the bumps and vibration of the road, absorbing much of the impact before it is carried through to the body to cause stress and damage, and make the ride comfortable for the passengers. At most vehicle on the rear wheel there is an upper and lower lateral arm and sometimes with the new multi-linked technology in the suspension systems the number of the parts is more than 2 for one wheel as one link being in front or in rear of other. Most of each mounted with rubber bushings at each pivot point, sometimes one ball joint at other end. These bushings and ball joints are valuable assistants to the functions of lateral arm, helping it to isolate the vehicle from vibration, as well as protecting the arm from friction damage as it moves against other suspension components. The lateral arm is given a great deal of rough treatment as you drive, the moisture and road salt taking a toll, as well as the impact of bumps and potholes. The rubber bushings and ball joints if exist can become damaged by the elements, making the brittle and cracked, or they can simply wear away over time, leaving arm vulnerable to damage.

The material of lateral arms can be made of steel and aluminum, both of which can be produced by forging, casting and stamping processes. All these production technologies and facilities are available in Teknorot. Teknorot has recently started a new product development process that is more proactive than ever in order to meet the intense needs of these product groups and to cover the shortage quickly. In addition to the European car park, Teknorot has also launched countless projects for the Middle East, Africa and the United States for spare parts markets, and has thus identified itself as an important target to show the leadership of suspension parts caught in Europe over the coming years for those markets as well, with the contribution of this product group.

We invite you to visit the catalogue section of our website so that you can follow up on a number of projects initiated or developed to maintain the product range adaptable for Bmw, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Kia, Hyundai, Nissan, Mitsubishi and Toyota makes in the lateral arm product range.

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