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Steering Tie Rod Assembly

Steering Tie Rod Assembly

The steering tie rod ends and inner tie rods (axial joint/steering tie rod) are synchronized to one another, and when they are present together, they are called steering tie rod assembly. Teknorot offers its customers the most reliable Steering Tie rod assembly products for many vehicles and models. Majority of Teknorot inner and outer tie rods are manufactured from strong forged steel SAE 1040 (16MnCr5) for maximum strength and durability with e-coating technology matching and even exceeding OE requirements. Teknorot tie rod assemblies are manufactured in accordance with international standards for safe driving and long life use, taking into account safety test values as in all other products. In order to be effective, the steering system has to turn the wheels at the same rate and along the same plane in any condition of both the car and the road. The tie rod (axial joint/inner tie rod) and tie rod ends need to make sure that the wheels are held firmly. A worn tie rod (axial joint/inner tie rod) or tie rod end can result to abnormal wear patterns on the tires, wandering and erratic steering. Aside from whole tie rod assembly replacement, wheel alignment is also required since tie rod assembly replacement disturbs the toe setting. To summarize, steering and suspension systems should be checked regularly or consult a qualified service technician for best results Wise car owners know that ignoring to replace worn tie rod assembly with new one will only lead to more inconveniences and expense. The best solution that many resort to is the replacement. Tie rod assembly replacement is the most practical way of bringing back the effortless steering capability of a car, just like the way it was before. However, the new rod must be accurately installed to ensure its excellent function. The replacement of tie rod assembly sets is recommended than the replacement of the parts separately. Replacement of a tie rod assembly rather than a steering tie rod (axial joint/inner tie rod) or tie rod end can be preferred in many cases, especially in the applications of Renault, Citroen, BMW, Mini, Audi, Seat, Skoda, Volkswagen manufacturers.

We offer the tie rod assembly that complements the specifications of your vehicle's suspension and steering system. Our tie rod assemblies are designed to steadily produce the right amount of preload to ensure proper steering effort. it features a forged and heat-treated housing for added toughness and durability. Our products are also ready to be presented to you based on your special requests.

You can search for the right steering tie rod of Audi, BMW, Fiat, Mercedes, Peugeot, Renault, Volkswagen, and other make’s and models in Teknorot Product Catalog simply by OEM number or vehicle make and model information. Start your detailed search for the best steering tie rod replacements for your car or light truck right now.

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