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Suspension Control Arm Kit

Suspension Control Arm Kit

The control arm products are made of different designs in different models. There can be different methods of assembling control arm’s components: mounting directly to chassis or mounting to other suspension components. According to this information, a component of the failed control arm can either be changed by only its own or can be changed by removing the entire control arm from its place. In this regard, vehicle manufacturers can conceive different strategies as they put these designs into practice. These strategies may aim for providing the cost benefit to the vehicle owners for the spare parts after the vehicle has been sold, or it may be necessary to change some parts of the car as a whole in order to reach the sales margins targeted by the company spare parts sales department. These different approaches show us that it is clear to say that vehicle manufacturers have created their own cultures and they have been pursuing their way through this understanding for decades.

Let us explain the above cases in general terms. A control arm consists of minimum of one, maximum of two ball joints, again it has also at least one bushing or more than one bushing mounted to the body of the arm. In case, the ball joints and bushings are identified as replaceable by OEM. And, the ball joints and bushings are presented to the customers together with the control arms, if whole product is assembled together, we call it Control Arm Kit. In addition, various fasteners are used in the most familiar way to tighten the control arm to its place on the vehicle. Therefore, another approach can be presented as the existence of fitting elements together with the control arm. For example, when the lateral arm is presented with a set of fasteners or with all the required mounting accessories in the package, we can call it as control arm kit as well. To sum up, in addition to the control arms supplied by the original manufacturers, the additional components and fittings supplied by Teknorot and added into the control arm package are called as control arm kit. It is an important product management strategy of Teknorot to present this product group and its varieties to the market so that the most accurate and fastest answers can be given to the different demands of the customers.

The differences in the design of vehicle manufacturers and the increasing demand in the replacement market have led us to quickly adapt to this process. In particular, control arm kits are compatible with BMW, MINI, MERCEDES and VOLKSWAGEN brands and they are offered by Teknorot with different product content.

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