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Suspension Ball Joint

Suspension Ball Joint

Ball joint is a critically important part of the automobile suspension system. It connects the control arms to the driving wheels through a knuckle. The spherical ball stud and socket (housing) design of the ball joint enables the suspension to travel up and down (multiple axis) as the road surface conditions change (bumps, potholes, etc.) and the vehicle is steered. Teknorot automotive ball joints are produced of high quality materials in accordance with international standards for highest performance and durability. Teknorot ball joints also helps to fix wheel alignment, preventing premature tire wear. It eliminates suspension noise and improves chassis handling and other required performance criterias. It includes necessary hardware and supplies them as needed to all the customers all around the world. It provides the performance you've come to expect from Teknorot. Besides, it restores your car like it has full new steering and handling system by confidently meeting or exceeding OEM specifications or requirements. It is needed to know well that loose or worn suspensions parts can lead to premature and unexpected tire damages which my also end with undisered results. That is why Teknorot engineered steel composition results in a stronger assemblies. Teknorot keeps his word of long-lasting performance for all suspension parts that it manufactures and develops as new items.

Depending on the design of the suspension, there is an upper and a lower ball joint on a vehicle’s steering system. These are exposed to higher forces on the road and may wear out quicker than expected under heavy duty use. For this reason, ball joints must be regularly inspected by professional car mechanics during each scheduled service visit. When you hear clunking noises from the suspension of the vehicle when driving on rough surfaces or speed bumps or experience strong vibration on the steering wheel and feel as if your vehicle is not driving straight on the road as it used to be, needing constant adjustment of the steering, it is time to get your steering system checked for worn parts and to replace them with good quality new parts from Teknorot’s catalogue.

Teknorot produces ball joints for almost all car brands including luxury cars such as AUDI, BMW, MERCEDES, but also ball joints for light duty vehicle brands like VOLKSWAGEN, CITROEN, RENAULT, PEUGEOT, FIAT and as well as for the needs of compact and middle size cars.

With highest production quality in mind Teknorot offers the widest product range and worldwide distribution network of best replacement automotive suspension parts including ball joints. For all of your car suspension and steering part needs there is an exact fit solution at Teknorot. Please browse through our parts catalogue for your fitments.

You can search for the suspension ball joint of Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Renault, Peugeot, Fiat and other make’s and models in Teknorot Product Catalog simply by OEM number or vehicle make and model information. Start your detailed search for OEM quality ball joints for your car or light truck immediately.

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