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Suspension Stabilizer Bar Link Kit

Suspension Stabilizer Bar Link Kit

The difference between stabilizer bar link kit and stabilizer bar link is that several varieties or several quantities of stabilizer bar links are also available to be delivered in one package and are called stabilizer bar link kit. Teknorot care about stabilizer bar link kit group because providing link stabilizer in a variety and package increases pleasure of our customers and car owners who will replace old link stabilizer with new one. In the meantime, our stabilizer bar links help restore original ride quality and handling by providing correct stabilizer bar integration into the suspension system helping to regain original vehicle dynamics and handling. Teknorot has a large variety of stabilizer links which are applicable to more than 4000 make and model, and product range of stabilizer bar link kits is increasing day by day. When it comes to specify our product with very basic specification, we can say that they have low friction polymer designs, corrosion resistant OE style finishes that extend service life, locking spacers that ensure correct installation tolerances, positive seal dust boots that prevent environmental contamination and all the necessary mounting hardwares for complete installation.

Our link stabilizer link kit production is in under stabilizer link production and is set up to meet all the manufacturing requirements equivalent to OEM's and we are so proud of our capability that lets us to go even beyond OEM expectations. With a very clear approach to our customers' requests and directions, we will always continue to take innovative steps in every product group we care about.

Stabilizer link kit process consists of welding line, ball-pin machining, assembly and packaging. Besides, our Link Stabilizer Department works according to ISO TS 16949 quality management system, ISO 14001 environmental management system and OHSAS 18001 management system certificates.

As a result of our constantly growing new product development capacity, we are able to develop 15 different types of stabilizer links kit per month but we develop more than 25 link stabilizer per month, and our aim is to develop more than 35 link stabilizer references per month in the near future. Especially, for every vehicle in European car park, we have decided to keep all the stabilizer links in our product range as ready. Many OEMs, such as Audi, Volkswagen, Ford, Seat, Skoda, Mitsubishi, which are the pioneers of automotive technology in particular, come to life as aftermarket products in our own production lines with fast, steady steps in OEM standards or with more strengthened versions. As with these brands, many stabilizer links kit in steel, aluminum and plastic alloys compatible with other brand vehicles can be developed without problems in Teknorot.

Suspension stabilizer bar link kit (stabilizer link kit) are exposed to most reactions resulting from the vehicle driving through pots, potholes and similar road defects. In this field, there are many different types of products in terms of design. Teknorot has a very rich product range to cover most needs.

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